Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seeking or burying the truth?

Following years of delay, during March 2007 in an attempt to resolve my ongoing complaint, I made the Ombudsman an offer I thought she couldn't refuse,

Option 1. Send me a copy of the plan that the council have given you (and now intend to rely on) and I will, using that plan, substantiate all my allegations (although I believe I have already substantiated all my allegations beyond any reasonable doubt). That s why I have been asking for a copy of the plan Cheshire County Council sent you (as part of their defence) for the last few months.

Option 2. Arrange a site meeting with [the man responsible for producing the plans] and I will do the same in front of both of you using plans already in your possession. Again that's why I suggested a joint meeting at the beginning of your investigation.

Unfortunately at that time I thought the Ombudsman was seeking the truth, however, since then I have come to realise that all they are concerned with is burying the truth and seeking a way out of the problem for the Council.

For here we are 16 months later and I still haven't been given a copy of the plan the council seek to rely on, but curiously won't show me, or told what specific statutory power they seek to rely on, but curiously won't tell me. Nor has the Ombudsman accepted my offer of a joint site meeting. Curious for someone who is supposed to be seeking the truth!

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