Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Signs of the times - update!

Further to my earlier post Signs of the times - LGO exposed

Lancaster Council now state:
'Mr Jerry White is the Local Government Ombudsman for this Council. This is due to the fact that Anne Seex is a former employee of this Council.'

So why did the Commission for Local Administration (CLAE) have a meeting in which Anne Seex was present (and everyone else present must have known about her connection with Lancaster) and reach a decision to take Trafford Council off her, because a relative of hers to to work for them and give her Lancaster Council in exchange?

Were the CLAE hoping to get away with the transfer before staff at Lancaster Council put a stop to it? Whatever the reason it would appear that Local Government Ombudsmen are determined to make themselves look stupid in everything they do.

However, with Jerry Whitewash being voted worst Local Government Ombudsman, as far as complainants are concerned, residents of Lancaster should be very concerned. PS I am a Lancastrian myself.

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