Friday, July 11, 2008

The upside of delay 2

Further to my recent posting 'The upside of delay 1'. Another way of turning delay to your advantage is to use the time to check things out for yourself.

The Ombudsman's continued delay in determining/resolving my complaint over the last 12 years has given me more than enough time to check out both the council's and the investigator's assertions. I can now prove that most of what they have both asserted over the last few years is nothing more than fallacious argument shored up by irrelevant facts to fabricate their own version of reality.

Here are just a few examples, after 12 years I literally have a shed load:
  • The Ombudsman asserts that Renault has told them that my vehicle can access and egress a 1 in 10 slope at the entrance to my property. However, the investigator failed to show Renault the council plans or even mention that there would also be a 9 inch step to negotiate. That means investigator simply got the answer they wanted, one to shore up the council''s position, by the simple expediency of manipulating the facts they gave to Renault. Even worse I don't even own a Renault van I own a Peugeot Boxer van.
  • The investigator has twice suggested that the County Council didn't need planning permission. However, by checking things out for myself on the UK Statute Law Database I can confirm that, at the material time, the council did in fact need planning permission. So why has the investigator gone out of their way over the last few years to pretend they didn't?
  • The investigator suggested that I couldn't prove the level of my land to better than 8 inch (plus or minus 4 inch). Even though it was surveyed and shown on the original road plans to an accuracy of a few millimetres. In any event, the council also produce a guide for developers stating that any new roadway must be finished to an accuracy of a few millimetres. Over the years all surveyors have used similar equipment and the same datum point. So why does the investigator think the council can prove the level of the land on one side of the boundary to an accuracy of a few millimetres whilst my surveyor can't prove the land level on my side of the boundary to better than 8 inch. The answer is simple, in order to find in the councils favour they desperately needed a way to hide the step.
Rule number 1: Never take anything an LGO investigator tells you at face value. Check it out for yourself. Do your research and learn the law. They may be able to delay and bury your complaint of maladministration but don't let them bluff you out of your legal and human rights.

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