Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who dies first?

Local Government Ombudsmen are well know for delaying until a complainant dies, moves, gives up or becomes exhausted by constant delays. My complaint stands as testament to that. However, I think I have identified an new tactic brought into play with all the changes due to unitary Councils.

All the Ombudsman has to do is delay until the Council rather than the complainant ceases to exist. For example, next April the two Councils that I have complaints against will cease to exist because a new unitary authority, Cheshire West and Chester will take over from Vale Royal Borough Council and Cheshire County Council. The Ombudsman has already written their farewell annual letter to both Councils so all they have to do is delay my complaint another few months. What's a few months more when I have been waiting more than 11 years?

The things an Ombudsman will do to cover up local authority wrongdoing never ceases to amaze me.

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