Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Mrs Seex

Reference your final report of the 8th August 2008.

We have received a communication from Cheshire County Council today. [Tuesday August 26th]

We were under the impression that this letter would inform us when they intended to carry out the works (the plans of which were the subject of our complaint) together with an apology for the delay. We are entirely surprised to find that the issues investigated by yourself over the last two and a half years have been rendered wholly irrelevant by this latest communication. There is no apology of any sort in this letter. Instead Cheshire County Council have moved the goal posts yet again and sent us two entirely different sets of plans. Both of which impact even further on our property than the original one.

Cheshire County Council have asked us to decide which of these two alternatives is acceptable and made it clear that the work will be carried out regardless of whether our rights are infringed. Cheshire County Council have also made much of the fact that your investigation was forensically carried because it lasted some two and a half years. When the real cause of the delay was their lack of co-operation.

It would appear that all they have done is substitute a plan, which was always technically impossible to implement, to others which are at least technically possible to implement, albeit they have a greater impact on our property. Unfortunately, they have ignored our legal and human rights again and that is totally unacceptable.

In view of this latest turn of events and the seriousness of the matter we would be grateful to receive your comments. We are particularly keen on receiving an answer to the following questions. Were you aware, before you published your final report, that Cheshire County Council was going to substitute the original plan? If so were you aware that their new plans impacted further on our property than the original? In addition, were you aware that they would rely on your findings in an attempt to legitimise anything they intend to do from now on?

Yours sincerely,

Trevor R Nunn

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