Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do not use the Local Government Ombudsman!

Posted by Thomas whilst Trevor is on holiday. If you have a complaint against a local authority don't even consider using the Local Government Ombudsman. The only reason Trevor has been doing so over the last few years is to gather evidence to expose them. Would you use a restaurant more than once if they served you food unfit for human consumption? Would you continue to use a shop if they continually short changed you? Would you stick to the same Doctor if they kept making you ill? Would you go back to a dentist who pulled the wrong teeth? Probably not but what would you do if a relative or friend told you that they had a similar experience? Marketing gurus argue that every person who has a bad experience with an organisation tells on average another nine people, losing the company concerned quite a lot of business. Well we are now telling thousands not to use the Local Government Ombudsman because they continually fail to deliver on their promises.

Facts: The Ombudsman responsible for Trevor's complaint finds maladministration in only 0.34% of all cases submitted to her. That's 34 cases out of every 10,000. The Parliamentary Ombudsman finds and reports maladministration in 68% of all cases submitted to her. 200 times as much. In addition, all three Local Government Ombudsmen are ex council, all Deputy Ombudsmen are ex council, 61% of Assistant Ombudsmen are ex council and 68% of all investigators are all ex council.

Local Government Ombudsmen are not fit for the purpose and should be avoided at all costs. Use them at your peril.

Thomas, Public Service Ombudsman Watchers.

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