Saturday, August 09, 2008

Full circle: The reason for this blog

Since the Ombudsman has taken me full circle and put me back in the position I was in 11 years ago, solely reliant only on my legal and human rights, (which ironically is no bad thing when you realise just how corrupt the administrative justice system has become) I thought I would reproduce my first blog post to refresh peoples minds. Shown below in italics. I made my first post on May 3rd 2006 and this is my 379th since them. Now I have retired I can step up the number of posts and finish uploading all the evidence.

The reason for this blog

The reason I decided to write and maintain this blog is because I have suffered significant injustice through numerous acts of misfeasance, malfeasance and maladministration by the Local Government Ombudsman's York office. As a result I don't want others to suffer similar injustice.

What follows will be a very long series of postings exploring, in an had hoc way, the tricks the Ombudsman has used against me, the evidence that I have uncovered over the years to support my assertions and a list of everything that I feel is wrong with the Local Government Ombudsmen. I intend to maintain this blog until the Ombudsman does their job or ceases to exist.

The Ombudsman has clearly failed to do their job so they will have to put up with me till they cease to exist. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot! It's amazing what they will do and put up with rather than admit they made a mistake and put it right.

The question is just what good is a Local Government Ombudsman if they can't find a way to resolve a problem after 11 years without colluding with the council concerned?

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