Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is the Ombudsman really that dumb?

The road adjacent to our property is only 3.5 metres from the wall (the one the ombudsman argues herself is the boundary). The road is also some 500mm higher than my land and drive. (The land and drive that's been there for some 150 years before the new highway came along). The Ombudsman states that the council can construct an access with a gradient not exceeding 1 in 10. Funny when I was at school 3500mm divided by 500mm was 7 and that's before you take account of the necessary drains because of the adverse gradient. If you take the drains into account the best that can be achieved at one side of my drive is less than 1 in 6 not the 1 in 10 promised by the council to the ombudsman.

At the other side of my drive the distance between the road and wall is greater but so is the height of the road. So it still remains about 1 in 6 not the 1 in 10 promised by the council to the ombudsman.

So we either have an Local Government Ombudsman that's not very good at maths, a Local Government Ombudsman that just believes everything a council tells them or a council that can indeed perform miracles.

I'm lucky I already know the answer to that because I will shortly be publishing the transcript of a telephone conversation I had with an Ombudsman's investigator in which they told me that they accept everything a council tells them because there is no reason not to do so!

Ombudsmen, impartial, what do you think? They can't even get of their backsides and come down and measure it themselves or even secure a plan from the council to demonstrate how they are going to achieve the impossible.

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