Monday, August 25, 2008

Manipulating the evidence

Posted by Thomas whilst Trevor is on holiday.

This illusion shows how easy it is for a Council or a Local Government Ombudsman to manipulate evidence to support their version of reality. Do you think there are 12 people in the picture below? Well the Council and the Ombudsman can manipulate this picture to prove there are 13.
Click here to see how easy it is for them to do it

It's too easy for a Council or Local Government Ombudsman to cut up the evidence, manipulate it and then re-present it to support a perverse decision!

The Truth is anything the person who prepares and presents the evidence wants it to be and therein lies the danger. Public Authorities and the Local Government Ombudsman are both bodies that reach decisions based on evidence they themselves have identified, prepared and presented and that can't be right for that means they are nothing more than a court of star chamber.

Thomas, Public Service Ombudsman Watchers.

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