Saturday, August 09, 2008

More info about the LGO

Could this on-line information give us a clue to why Mrs Seex finds less than half as much maladministration as the other Local Government Ombudsmen?

During 1999 she was involved in the unfair dismissal of a member of staff at Lancaster City Council. The tribunal described the investigation by Ann Seex, director of community services at the council, as 'coloured and flawed'.

Anne Seex was in post as Chief Executive of Norwich City Council when they issued over 140,000 non-compliant Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) between 2002 and 2005 (they only corrected theirs in August 2006 issuing £3,416,452.98 worth of non-compliant PCNs 2002 - 2006).

During 2005 she had to apologise when Norwich City Council failed to obtain planning permission. 'Norwich City Council Chief Executive Anne Seex admitted, in a letter sent to all City Councillors and the local media, that the Council had broken planning regulations by not applying for Advertisement Consent for the projections on to the City Hall clock tower.'

In March 2006, the Audit Commission published a highly critical audit letter for Norwich City Council during Mrs Seex' last year as Chief Executive leading to questions about her credibility as an independent and final arbiter on matters of maladministration in local government.

Anne Seex is well know for creative compensation, for example, she awarded a man £1000 towards the cost of a memorial when council maladministration contributed to the death of his mother. Ms Seex said Mrs Stones had been "failed by the system which was supposed to protect her". Looks like Mr Stones was also failed by Anne Seex. £1000, what an insult! What kind of message does that send out to councils.

Anne Seex has also been ditched by Trafford Council for being too negative, 'from April 2007 any cases involving Trafford Council will be dealt with by the ombudsman's office based at Coventry rather than York.'

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