Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I returned from holiday this morning and found a card from the post office informing me that a special delivery letter had arrived. Naturally I thought this would be the letter I was told to expect in March 2008 by the Ombudsman from the County Council. Not so, there was no apology for the delay. In fact it was just another disturbing new twist to the story so far. The County Council are no longer planning to carry out the works they have been threatening to carry out for the last 7 years (the one that's the subject of my complaint and the one the Ombudsman has supposedly been investigating for the last few years). They are now threatening to carry out one of two new schemes. Unfortunately, both these have a much greater impact on my property than the previous one. Do I complain to the Ombudsman a third time when they try and carry out the works?

Thanks to Thomas for keeping my blog going whilst I have been on holiday.

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