Friday, August 08, 2008

Ombudsman publishes final report

At long last after an epic 11 year involvement the Local Government Ombudsman has now published her final report into my second (2002) complaint. Just a pity the Ombudsman has left me in the same position I was in before they became involved. What a waste of 11 years. Therefore, I am now free to do what I have planned to do for the last few years. Use the report as a vehicle to expose Local Government Ombudsmen whilst relying on my legal and human rights to protect my property interests. For it's now obvious that one can't rely on the Local Government Ombudsman. My detailed response will follow after I have received the promised communication from Cheshire County Council.

Funny how the report landed on the mat the same day I was due to start my holidays. Looks like I will have to postpone my holiday for a while.

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