Saturday, August 16, 2008

[Part 2] Was the embarrassing letter highlighted by Cheshire County Council because the LGO had decided to investigate Trevor's 2002 complaint?

Posted by Thomas whilst Trevor is on holiday.

Although Trevor submitted his complaint in March 2002 he didn't receive notification that the Ombudsmen would be investigating his 2002 complaint until May 2006. Between February and May 2006 the Ombudsman was looking seriously at the possibility of coming back on his complaint and opening the investigation.

Cheshire County Council's press release (reproduced in [Part 1]) is dated the 5th May 2004. Yet the Council didn't choose to highlight this particular case on their website until Feb/March 2006. Another coincidence or an attempt to influence the Ombudsman's decision regarding Trevor's complaint? You decide. PS: I think it was and I think it worked.

Thomas, Public Service Ombudsman Watchers.

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