Monday, August 18, 2008

Plan view V cross section view [1]

Posted by Thomas whilst Trevor is on holiday.

Cheshire County Council have always refused to give Trevor a cross sectional view of the planned works. In addition the Ombudsman has always refused to acknowledge the importance of this key document let alone take it into account before arriving at her perverse conclusions. Preferring instead to look only at plan views and photographs.

Here's an example of the danger of relying on plans without a cross sectional view. A number of people decided to buy off plan when this development was being planned. After the houses were completed a number of buyers took legal action against the developer. If you click the link and look at a plan view of the estate it is difficult to perceive just what the problem may be but just look at what many of them had to face when they moved in.

The developer built the houses in an old quarry but gave buyers the impression that they were going to fill it in before they built their houses. If the buyers had insisted on seeing a cross sectional plan they wouldn't have been taken in by the developers deception.

Good job they couldn't complain to the Local Government Ombudsman because all she would have said is what do you want a cross sectional plan for?

Thomas, Public Service Ombudsman Watchers.

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