Monday, August 11, 2008

So just who is telling the truth?

The Ombudsman states in her report that, apart from a small section of road adjacent to my property, the roadways on the estate are all adopted. Curious because the Councils own Highways Adoption Gazetteer still shows them as unadopted. In addition, whilst the Ombudsman was 'supposedly' making enquiries, the Council was maintaining the verges and open space on phase 3 of the estate. Prior to that they were being maintained by a developer's contractor, however, now the Ombudsman's report has been published and the 'so called' investigation is over, the developers contractor is back on site maintaining the verges, open spaces and play area on phase 3. Some of the houses on phase 2 and some of the houses on phase 3 should not even be occupied until the open space, play area and highway are under the control of the council.

Here's my attempt to do the LGO's job.

When was the adopted road gazetteer last updated?

Who has started cutting the grass verges, open spaces and play area?

Who is responsible for the play area?

Who is responsible for the open space?

Now I can start the holiday that was so rudely interrupted by the Ombudsman's final report. I might even have some answers when I return.

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