Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Told you so! [1]

Over the last few years I repeatedly told the Ombudsman that the plan (the subject of my 2002 complaint), was amongst other things, technically impossible to implement in the way Cheshire County Council was asserting. The County Council plan view was nothing more than an illusion that could never be implemented. All the Ombudsman needed to have done to prove my assertion was ask for a cross sectional view. The Ombudsman failed to do so or even take a cross sectional view into account before reaching their perverse decisions, preferring instead to believe the unsubstantiated assertion of the County Council that the impossible was possible.

As far as I am concerned the fact that the County Council have now ditched those plans prove I was right all along.

Thomas' posts whilst I was on holiday illustrate the need for a cross sectional views to prove whether a plan (2 dimensional) can be implemented or whether it's all just an illusion. Just scroll down for a few more examples.

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