Friday, August 08, 2008

Trust me to get the short straw

During the last reporting year complainants like me had the following chance of securing a report of maladministration leading to injustice,

Local Government Ombudsman by Office

Anne Seex York 0.34%
Tony Redmond London 0.68%
Jerry White Coventry 0.9%

Just my luck to get an Ombudsman who practically never reports maladministration!

Just to put the figures it into perspective it mean that Anne Seex issues less than 3.5 reports of maladministration out of every 1000 complaints submitted to her. Nearly 3 times less than the Coventry Ombudsman and half the average for all three Ombudsmen. Wow! and I thought it was tough to get into mensa.

However, if I am one of the lucky 0.34%, why am I so unhappy? Because she has buried most of my complaints in her obfuscated report and only found the council guilty of maladministration on a minor and inconsequential point. Exactly what the previous Ombudsman did in 1998.

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