Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apology arrived (at last)

When I rang home tonight my wife informed me that the promised apology from Cheshire County Council had arrived at last. Sent in a plain brown envelope, what's all that about? It took 177 days to arrive after the Ombudsman told me to expect it imminently.

Now all we need to know is when to book the JCB to remove the planned step!!! That's the STEP that the Ombudsman conveniently ignored during her investigation. The one that will infringe our legal and human rights.

Define STEP: a construction designed to bridge a vertical distance, an interference to a vehicular right of way, an impossible structure for a wheelchair or motorised disability scooter to negotiate unaided, something a Local Government Ombudsman will ignore if it helps the council.

Below is a plan view similar to the one provided by Cheshire County Council.

Below is a cross sectional view of the same plan. Note how a plan view can't show a change in vertical levels but a cross sectional plan can. Cheshire County Council refused to supply a copy of the cross sectional plan that my complaint was based on and still refuse to supply a copy of a cross sectional plan for option C. The plan they threaten to implement if I don't agree to plan A or B.

This is basically what plan A and B offer by the way of a solution. A 5 metre (or thereabouts) ramp on my land.

Below is what the developer should have provided and what the council actually planned to do after the Ombudsman's first report. (This is the plan they produced when they promised the then Ombudsman that the road would be completed without any impact on my property.) Until of course Cheshire County Council costed it out and realises that it would be easier and cheaper to stuff me with their problem instead of moving the road.

It's not rocket science but it's enough to confuse the Local Government Ombudsmen. But then the truth usually does when they need to protect their ex colleagues and friends still in local government! Confusion or collusion? You decide.

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