Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Further to my previous posts DIY LGO and DIY LGO (2)

The LGO and the Councils often conspire to hide the truth as well as to bury maladministration. Therefore, you should never accept any of their assertions without validation, never stop investigating the matter yourself and never stop collecting evidence.

The statute law database is an excellent research tool. As is the What Do they Know freedom of information website. Here is a link to my submissions through their website. Another useful service is the Information Commissioner's Office, here you can find out about your rights when it comes to personal information held by organisations and more about your rights when it comes to freedom of information. In addition there are a number of websites that can help you such as LGOwatch, Public Service Ombudsman Watchers, The public forum where you can make contact with others that have suffered due to the corrupt system of administrative justice in England, Rotten Borough that hosts stories about rotten councils, the Human Rights Act, a little case law, Advice if you wish to be a litigant in person, Liberty, and the list of help and advice goes on and on.

Public authorities haven't yet realised it but the Internet is the great equaliser and is bringing power to the people whether they like it or not. Why not start your own blog and tell the world about your experience with your own council. Or the Local Government Ombudsman like this blog.

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