Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LGO the myths exploded (3)

Local Government Ombudsmen are an alternative to court.

Unfortunately this is just a myth The fact is in most cases they aren't and because of they way they operate they can actually be a positive hindrance to people seeking justice.

Fact: The LGO cannot determine any of your legal or human rights.

Fact: A council can be found not guilty of maladministration even if they are guilty of infringing your legal and human rights. That would and could not happen in a court of law.

Fact: The LGO take so long to investigate a complaint most complainants are statute barred from taking court action for an infringements of their legal and/or human rights.

Fact: An LGO report/determination finding no maladministration, even if there are legal and/or human rights implications, is often used by the council to defend their illegal acts.

Fact: The LGO often fail to explain to a complainant the options available to them and the severe limitations of their service.

Fact: The LGO fail to explain to a council in their reports that a finding of no maladministration does not necessarily mean that their actions are also legal and/or compliant with the Human Rights Act.

Fact: The LGO operate in a way that positively hinders administrative justice in England.

Opinion: The only thing the LGO are an alternative to is a laxative.

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