Monday, September 29, 2008

Local Government Ombudsmen are the problem not the cure!

The problem: The Commission for Local Administration in England, better known as the The Local Government Ombudsman is a demonstrably flawed system of administrative justice that has been further corrupted by the incessant recruitment of ex local authority staff who clearly run the system for the benefit of their friends and ex colleagues who still work in local authorities.

The cure: There is no cure, the system has been fatally corrupted. The only solution is to avoid them like the plague. This is exactly what you would do if any business short changed you or continually delivered faulty goods, failed to deliver on their promises and lied to you.

The alternatives: In many cases you may be able to self abate and/or use the courts to protect your legal and/or human rights (As I am just about to prove you can.). If not you would be much better off exposing the problem locally than trying to use the Local Government Ombudsman, for all they will do is try and bury the problem for the benefit of their friends and ex colleagues.

Do not accept a flawed, corrupt and third rate administrative justice system. Expose the problem, the flaws, the corrupt system and do everything you can to highlight the problem in order to force the government to introduce a fair, open and honest system of administrative justice in England.

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