Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seex' Law

Further to my earlier post it appears that Mrs Seex has introduced a new legal excuse for a threat.

Cheshire County Council have given me a choice of A or B with the threat of C [1] should I refuse to accept A or B.

However, the York LGO, Anne Seex, doesn't accept it's a threat, as far as she is concerned Cheshire County Council are merely informing me of what they are going to do should I refuse to accept A or B.

Therefore, if you are ever accused of threatening behaviour just use Seex' law as your defence. For example, 'I didn't threaten to hit the person who wouldn't give me their wallet, I was merely informing them of what I was going to do if they didn't give it to me.'

1) The Council has recently refused to tell me what specific statutory authority allows them to implement option C. Over the last 8 years the Council has also been refusing to tell me what specific statutory authority allowed them to implement the plan which was the subject of my complaint. The Ombudsman may find it convenient to turn a blind eye to their refusal to give me the information requested but I certainly don't. Please refer to Seex' law 2 for further information.

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