Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The cost of council incompetence, intransigence and maladministration for local taxpayers.

During 1991 a developer tried to do what Cheshire County Council have been threatening to do since 2001. That led to court action and the eventual demise of the developer concerned because they didn't have the money to pay my court costs.

Cheshire County Council could have resolved the problem during 1999 but instead their staff decided to play the same 'threats and intimidation' card that the developer had tried in an attempt to get me to agree to their plans without demur. Bullying didn't work then and it won't work now. 17 years later and all they have done is increase the eventual cost of resolving their problem.

I offered to sell the council the land they needed to finish the road way back in 1999 but they refused, so they only have themselves to blame if they now haven't got enough land to complete the highway without it interfering with my legal and human rights. Cheshire County Council staff took imprudent decisions and Cheshire County Council will now have to live with the consequences.

For I will not allow Cheshire County Council to interfere with my right of way just to save them from the consequences of their own staff's imprudent decision making. Why should I, particularly since all their staff have done over the last 7 years is threaten and intimidate me in an attempt to get me to agree to their plans without demur. I self abated during 2002 and if necessary I intend to self abate again. Fair warning!

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