Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is the LGO bubble about to burst?

Just how long can the Local Government Ombudsmen (LGO) keep up the pretence that the current administrative justice system is an effective deterrent to council maladministration, mismanagement and wrongdoing?

The LGO report council maladministration in only 0.68% of all complaints submitted (0.34% as far as the York office is concerned). However, many of those are also ignored by councils so the true figure of 'reported' and 'remedied' maladministration is less that 0.5%. (0.25% as far as the York office is concerned).

No doubt that's why the press is always full of stories about council mismanagement, incompetence, maladministration and general wrongdoing.

The LGO is the cause of the council bad behaviour bubble just as loose FSA control was the cause of the banking bubble. Councils are now behaving just like the bankers did before their bubble burst. Head in the sand, excessive pay, spin, denial and of course with the current LGO the councils know they can get away with practically anything! Until the bubble bursts that is.

Where will it end and just what purpose do the LGO now serve?

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