Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LGO and Misdirection

I spotted this video on Neil Herron's blog. Although it's about road safety in London (Excellent work Borris) it can also be used to illustrate how the LGO, LGA and Councils (and other magicians) can use misdirection as an method of misleading people.

Keep your eye on the ball and you will see how easy it is for the LGO to use devious misdirection techniques. Now re-read the report (or letters) they sent you and I think you will find they have added quite a lot of irrelevances to distract you from the seeing the obvious wrongdoings they are desperately trying to hide for their friends and ex colleagues in Local Government.

Once you know what to look for it becomes obvious. However, most people just accept what they are told (or shown) without looking any deeper. The recent LGA poll is an excellent example of misdirection in action.

Do not to focus on what they want you to focus on, focus and what they are trying to distract you from.

In my case just replace the moonwalking bear with

(1) a step that interferes with my legal and human rights.
(2) the councils failure to provide me with proper plans.
(3) the councils failure to tell me the statutory authority they relied on to do the work.

and you will understand how the LGO used misdirection when writing their reports in an attempt to get me and other readers to take their eyes off the bear and onto their ball (irrelevant facts, manipulated evidence, general spin and other LGO nonsense).

By any stretch of the imagination any of the above constitute maladministration. Using the Local Government Ombudsman's own list we have failure to follow procedures or the law, failure to provide information and incorrect action or failure to take any action, yet all the York LGO found them guilty of was delay, which is rather ironic since most of the delay over the last 7 years was caused by the York LGO themselves.

Even though I made it clear at the draft report stage I wouldn't fall for their tricks they still included misdirection techniques in their final report. The only conclusion I can reach is that they weren't trying to misdirect me, they were trying to distract others (councillors, MP, courts and the public).

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