Sunday, October 05, 2008

York LGO: Catastrohpic fall from grace? (2)

Further to my previous post York LGO: Catastrohpic fall from grace? which included the following statement from the Irish Ombudsman: 'Any action or inaction by the Ombudsman which shows him or her to be less than independent, fair, or zealous when dealing with a complaint, can lead to a catastrophic fall from grace.'

Here are a few examples of the LGO's actions and inactions that have helped them fall from grace. There are many more!

  • Refusing to let complainants see the evidence relied on.
  • Refusing to investigate valid complaints.
  • Minimising the impact of a complaint for local authorities.
  • Failing to take relevant evidence into account, introducing irrelevant evidence and generally manipulating evidence.
  • Lack of true independence.
  • Colluding with local authorities to reproduce documentation or block complainant access to particular documentation.
  • Demonstrable bias towards those under investigation and against complainants.
  • Fiddling statistics and survey results.
  • Lying to and/or misleading complainants.
  • Manipulating reports to minimise judicial reviews.
  • Failure to improve the system.
There is something rotten in the LGO system...Tis an unweeded garden.

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