Thursday, October 02, 2008

York LGO: Catastrohpic fall from grace?

A speech by Emily O'Reilly: Ombudsman and Information Commissioner, Ireland

The following is a short extract from the above speech.

Every Ombudsman's Office begins with a number of inbuilt advantages. The primary one is the halo effect; any Office that has as its core function, the rooting out of maladministration and the defence from that maladministration of some of our most vulnerable is bound to strike a popular chord with the public, and by extension with the media who see themselves in that space as well, as I've already outlined.

It is imperative that that perception is assiduously nurtured and maintained. Any action or inaction by the Ombudsman which shows him or her to be less than independent, fair, or zealous when dealing with a complaint, can lead to a catastrophic fall from grace.
Truer words have never been spoken.
Was Emily O'Reilly thinking of Local Government Ombudsmen when she wrote her speech?

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