Friday, November 14, 2008

Haringey: The Role and Ineffectiveness of the LGO

'SOCIAL workers in Haringey have been the subject of 115 complaints to the local government watchdog in the years since the death of Victoria ClimbiƩ......The local government ombudsman dealt with the stream of complaints amid claims of serious failings by the council since 2000.....The ombudsman said that, of the 115 complaints it deal with, there was a finding in one case of maladministration causing injustice.'

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How many more children have to die? How many more people have to suffer injustice as a result of council maladministration before the LGO wake up and do their job. They are supposed to investigate complaints not bury them for their friends and ex colleges in councils.

The deaths through council maladministration has to stop and the injustice through council maladministration has to stop! And if the LGO prefer to ignore the problem then the government need to sack them and get a really independent body to act as a watchdog.

Here's another example from Manchester.

Ironically one of the Local Government Ombudsmen used to work for Haringey and another for Manchester. Could the problem be that all Local Government Ombudsmen are ex council chief executives making them what most members of the public would refer to as part of 'the old boys network'.

To read about some of the other cases that happened after the Victoria ClimbiƩ case but before the latest cases click here.

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