Monday, November 24, 2008

Honesty goes down the drain.

When Cheshire County Council first sent me their latest plan view of the works they intended to carry out in the vicinity of my property, even without the aid of a cross sectional plan, I immediately identified a serious design flaw. The plan showed that the surface water on some 40 feet of footway would drain onto my land. A major no-no by any stretch of the imagination.

I wrote to the council about my concerns only to be told that surface water from the footway would not drain onto my land because it would percolate into permeable material before reaching my land. However, their own plan showed no such permeable material or drains. Therefore, someone at Cheshire County Council was lying. Evidenced by the fact that when they arrived today to carry out the work across my vehicle access, one of the first things they did was to fit a drainage channel to the back edge of the footway. The only question remaining about the surface water is where does the afterthought and unplanned for drainage channel actually drain the surface water to, and is it adequate for the purpose? No doubt time and, if necessary, a dye test will tell.

Now I am not too concerned about Cheshire County Council staff lying to me because it is something they have been doing that for years, however, I am concerned that if I managed to identify a serious design flaw using nothing more than the plan view think how many more I may have been able to identify using the cross sectional view they still refuse to give me.

And that folks is why Cheshire County Council don't want, and have never wanted to, give me a copy of the cross sectional plans. They know I will be able to identify further serious design flaws with the works.

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