Friday, November 21, 2008

More than one way to skin a malicious 'Cheshire County Council' cat

After 11 years and 2 York LGO investigations Cheshire County Council are still refusing to provide a proper scaled and detailed cross sectional plan for works they intend to carry out in the vicinity of my property. That denies me the right to confirm the full impact of their works on my property rights and, if necessary, legally challenge them before the works are implemented. That, I am sure a judge will agree, is a malicious attempt to deny me my human rights to justice.

However, there is more than one way to skin a malicious 'Cheshire County Council' Cat. All I need to do is wait for the works to be completed. Then I can have the works surveyed and ask my own surveyor to reverse engineer a scaled cross sectional plan. That will enable me to identify any and all infringements with my property, legal and human rights together with any deviation from normal highway design guidance and take the appropriate action.

In addition, whilst I wait for my surveyor to produce a cross sectional plan I will be able to log and photograph every occasion in which I or my visitors have difficulty accessing and egressing my property, every occasion that surface water enters my property and every occasion that pedestrians have to walk in the road because they feel it's too dangerous to use the vehicular crossing.

Add Cheshire County Council's failure to provide a proper cross sectional plan to the fact that they have also removed the surface water drainage from their recent plan so surface water from the footway will flow onto my land (all previous plans produced by Cheshire County Council had surface water drainage) and I am sure I will have no trouble at all convincing a judge that their actions were done with malicious intent. That should significantly increase the amount of damages I am eventually awarded. Particularly since they could have resolved the situation amicably rather than resorting to oppressively carrying out the works with total disregard to highway & pedestrian safety and my property & human rights.

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