Thursday, November 20, 2008

York LGO: is their irrationality caused by surface water (on the brain)?

Recently a new law was introduced to stop people draining surface water from their land onto a public highway. So why does a Cheshire County Council highway authority engineer think it's acceptable to allow surface water from part of a public highway, the footway, to flow onto my land without my permission? Especially since other Councils state that every step should be taken to ensure that surface water does not flow into private property from the highway as a result of the construction of a crossover.

Whilst the York LGO was involved with my complaint Cheshire County Council's plans included drains for the surface water but after she declared herself functus officio (That's Latin for sticking her head up her backside so she can no longer be blamed for the ongoing council maladministration she failed to resolve.) Cheshire County Council drew a new plan without surface water drains. Did Cheshire County Council remove the surface water drains out of malice because I wouldn't accept a ramp on my land to get them out of their self created difficulties?

Ironically the York LGO ended their involvement with my 1997 complaint because the highway authority promised her the highway would be completed without any impact on my property. I fail to see how draining a public footway onto my property fulfils that promise, but there again, thankfully, I don't have the illogical and perverse brain of a Local Government Ombudsman. Neither do I stick my head up my backside so I don't see Council maladministration causing injustice!

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