Monday, November 03, 2008

Time has told.

During a November 2006 post I reiterated an earlier comment

'Only time will tell but it's not looking good so far. They [The LGO] appear more interested in resolving the problem for the County Council than investigating my complaint. Two months and they still haven't asked the Council for a formal response to the allegations I made during 2002.'

The York LGO published her report some three months ago [August 2008] but I still haven't seen a copy of Cheshire County Council's defence to my complaint or a copy of the plans I complained about let alone be given the chance to controvert them. If that's what the York LGO considers justice God help us all. More like arse covering for their failure to persuade the councils to fulfil their 1999 promise to complete the works without any impact on my property.

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