Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time has told (1)

My initial complaint to the York LGO in 1997 consisted of 3 specific complaints. However, one of them was totally ignored by the York LGO without explanation. So although I submitted 3 complaints, her final report produced in 1998 only dealt with 2 of them. I complained to the York LGO about the fact she had ignored one of my complaint but never received a satisfactory answer. However, I now know why. The complaint that the York LGO ignored over 11 years ago was about the council bodging the highway to overcome their self created difficulties and that is exactly what they have just done.

Essentially the complaint ignored by the York LGO during 1997/8 was that the council may, as highway authority, reduce the standards of the planned highway to a much lower level than they would allow any developer ever to do so in order to get themselves out of their self created difficulties on the cheap.

Between 1997 and 2008 the council, as highway authority, tried (but failed) to stick me with their problem, as the developer had done between 1991 and 1997. However, the council as highway authority had one major advantage over the developer, they decide the adoption standards of roads in this area so they can bodge the road as much as they want, adopt it and maintain it's been constructed to adoptable standards. When in reality all they have done is reduce the standards to get themselves out of their self created difficulties.

I suggested to the York LGO during 1997 that either another council or an independant body should scrutinise any redesign of the highway to ensure that the council did not take the easy way out and bodge the highway.

Taking all the facts into account the only conclusion I can reach is that the York LGO knew that the council, should they fail to stick me with their problem, may decide to bodge their way out of the problem and left them an escape route. One that for the safety of the general public she should have closed 11 years ago.

This blog will continue to highlight the problems with the York LGO whilst my new blog will highlight the damage that can be done when the York LGO fails to do their job.

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