Monday, November 03, 2008

The truth is out there!

'Where it is found that maladministration has occurred, the ombudsman produces a report recommending the sorts of remedy that the authority concerned might want to pursue.' [My emphasis]

The reason they do this is that councils can and do ignore them with impunity so if they don't suck up to councils and offer a solution that a Council is happy with nothing will be resolved and the Ombudsman just looks impotent.

Would Local Government Ombudsmen ever admit to only recommending the sorts of remedies that the authority concerned might want to pursue... after all this does give the game away. Well yes they would because the statement above was made in a recruitment advert that secured the services of the current York LGO.

The following statement was also made in the recruitment advert 'In most cases, the council will have to stump up a formal apology and a few hundred quid in compensation.'

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