Monday, December 22, 2008

What came first the chicken or the stupid excuse?

When Cheshire County Council bodged the unadopted highway in the vicinity of my property I naturally submitted a complaint to the planning enforcement section at Vale Royal Borough Council because the work being carried out was in breach of planning permission. Vale Royal Borough Council's response provides a typical example of the perverse logic used by Councils and Local Government Ombudsmen when faced with a complaint they can't logically answer.

Vale Royal Borough Council state that the highway in question is an adopted highway and as such Cheshire Highways do not require planning permission. Then they go on to say that consequently this authority have no powers to act in this matter.

Whilst their first statement is true it's wholly irrelevant because at the material time of the planning breach the highway in question was not an adopted highway. In fact Cheshire Highways only bodged the road because they desperatly wanted to adopt it without completing the road in line with pre existing planning permission.

So what came first, the breach of planning permission or the adopted highway?

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