Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With the LGO justice is never seen to be done!

In an article in the Times headlined Access all areas’ for media so justice is seen to be done there are some interesting comments from Jack Straw.

Mr Straw said yesterday: “My view is that public confidence depends crucially on the system being as open as possible – so the case for restrictions has to be a very strong one.”

A really important veil is being lifted on what happens in these courts,” he said.

Unfortunately the discredited Local Government Ombudsmen still operate like a court of star chamber denying even the most basic of rights such as natural justice and the right to cross examine, let alone allowing justice to be seen to be done. His comments do, however, explain why the Local Government Ombudsmen do not have the public's confidence and never will until they change their ways.

So come on Mr Straw, if you really believe that justice should be seen to be done why don't you also ensure that the administrative justice system in this country also operates in an open and honest way.

In most cases the Local Government Ombudsman even denies the complainant the right to see the evidence they base their perverse conclusions on. And I can vouch for that because that's exactly what happened in my case. As a result of never being allowed to see the council's defence to my complaints (or any other evidence conjured up by the LGO), I never had the opportunity to properly controvert anything they may, or may not have, used as evidence. It's a sad fact of life that the system of administrative justice in England is corrupt and just like the family courts needs a radical overall if they ever expect to gain the public's confidence.

Mr Straw, how an earth can a secretive and unfair system of administrative justice, controlled by a bunch of ex local authority amateurs, ever gain the confidence and respect of the general public? At least the family courts were run by proper judges.

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