Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An example of the corrupt system of administrative justice system we have in this country. (2)

Further to my earlier post on the subject.

I am slowly wading through the documents and letters that the Council and the LGO exchanged (without my knowledge) during the investigation into my complaint (naughty). However, one common theme runs through all the communication between the council and the LGO's office. Whilst every letter sent to me during the investigation was very formal in nature, all the letters between the Council and the LGO were very informal and overly friendly in nature. Now one could understand this if both parties knew each other and had a close working relationship but in many cases this was not the case. In one example the LGO investigator did not even know and had not even met one of the people she was communicating with but the letters between the two were still very informal and overly friendly in nature. What impression does this give? Can you image having complained to the Police about a theft, then finding out that they had discussed the issue with the perpetrator in a very friendly and informal manner whilst at the same time dealing with you in a very formal and unfriendly manner before finding no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the perpetrator!

Example 2: The LGO may advertise te fact that they are imartial, they may even think they are impartial, but the impression they give is one of NOT being impartial.

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