Friday, April 17, 2009

Anti LGO Blog to Anti LGO Website (update)

Further to my earlier post stage 1 of my plans are now complete. I am now starting stage two which is my personal section of the new resource centre. I would like to thank Ombudsman Watchers Thomas and Ann for their help in developing this new resource centre.

Please consider adding your experience of the corrupt system of administrative justice to the resource centre. Everyone needs to know the truth about Public Services and Local Government Ombudsmen. We want the resource centre to be an antidote to the spin, manipulated statistics and dodgy surveys produced by Public Services and Local Government Ombudsmen.

The Local Government Ombudsmen wrongly suggest that there is a link between complainants who do not obtain a finding of maladministration and dissatisfied complainants. However, this is another misrepresentation of the truth. Gary Powell who started LGO Watch obtained a finding of maladministration and I have had two. Therefore, there must be something seriously wrong with Local Government Ombudsmen if complainants who have successfully achieved a finding of maladministration end up becoming the most vociferous anti ombudsmen people in the country.

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