Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Did the LGO mislead the Government?

A few months ago Wilma Wright submitted a petition because Trafford Council refused to accept the York Ombudsman's recommendations.

The Government have recently responded to Wilma's petition. Included in the response is this very misleading statement.

'In all but a very few cases the authority being investigated complies with the recommendations in the Ombudsman’s report where maladministration is determined. Indeed, for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 there has been a 100% compliance rate. '

However, this is totally untrue and it's so easy to prove because Wilma's own case was determined during this period and Trafford did not comply and have still not complied.

The question is, did the LGO mislead the Government? If you think about it they must have because the only way the Government would know what their compliance figures were was to ask the LGO. Why are the LGO feeding false statistics to the Government? No doubt they don't want the Government to know the truth about the significant number of councils who do not comply with their recommendations.

If the LGO didn't mislead the Government, then why have they not been in touch with the Government to ask them to correct the obvious errors in their response to Wilma's petition?

PS There were other recommendations during 2006 to 2008 that were not complied with, here is another example. As far as the Ombudsman who dealt with Wilma's case is concerned there have been a significant number of councils ignoring her reports and recommendations over the last few years. Wilma's case is not the isolated incident that they would have the public believe.

Let's see if we can get to the truth behind the misleading assertion.

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