Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The ineffective Local Government Ombudsman!

When I submitted my first complaint in June 1997 I was contacted by the Ombudsman's office to see if I would allow them to add my complaint to two others about the same problem. Two of my new neighbours were also complaining about the unadopted roads on their part of the estate. Since 1997 we have had two LGO investigations. Yet part of the roadway on the estate has, to this day, still not been adopted. During 1998 the then Ombudsman, Pat Thomas, recommended that the council adopts the roads without delay. In 2001, when the roads had still not been adopted (council ignored her recommendations), she craftily avoided the need for a second report by stating that the council were doing everything possible to adopt the road (a bare faced lie because it was patently obvious they weren’t). Two LGO investigations into the matter but many of my neighbours are still living on a road that should have been adopted over 12 years ago and still remains unadopted to this day.

Now that’s what I call ineffective!

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