Saturday, May 09, 2009

The lying LGO

The highway on phase two of the development that a neighbour and I complained about remains unadopted (to date) in spite of the ombudsman's office telling me months ago that all the roads on the development were adopted. And in spite of Pat Thomas the previous LGO telling the council to get the roads adopted without delay in her 1998 report.

Which ever way you look at it the LGO's office lied to me. However, it wasn't the first time and I doubt it will be the last time. Did they do it to try and cover up the fact that the council had not supplied the remedy they had promised Pat Thomas in January 1999? More than likely, the LGO don't like people finding out just how impotent and useless they really are and will do anything to hide the truth. Even lying to the government if my previous post is anything to go by.

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