Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robbie Powell: Persistently unreasonable Ombudsmen!

The Robbie Powell case blows a huge hole right through the public service and local government ombudsmen’s policy of persistently unreasonable complainants and their policy of believing everyone except the complainant.

Mr & Mrs Powell struggled for over 19 years to get to the truth about their son’s death. Basically a doctor lied and falsified records, which amazingly just like public service and local government ombudsmen; they can do so with impunity.

During Mr Powell’s fight for the truth, using the Data Protection Act, he identified that the Ombudsman concerned had wrongly labelled him ‘vindictive’, ‘an alley cat’, ‘a caveman’ and ‘a bully’. (Unusual language for an ombudsman to use but being uncountable their isn't much a complainant like Mr and Mrs Powell can do about it. Except publish the truth and put further evidence against public service and local government ombudsmen into the public domain.)

However, just like the Balchins he was eventually vindicated. A doctor had lied and falsified records. More worrying though is the fact that they can do so without fear of prosecution and with public service and local government ombudsmen like ours with their ‘believe the authority and vilify the complaint policy’ it is a long and difficult journey to embark upon.

If you are a public service or local government ombudsman who wrongly calls people unreasonably persistently complaints just so you can bury the truth then hang your head in shame.

If you are a complainant struggling with the biased and corrupt administrative justice system in this country always bear in mind that Mr and Mrs Powell and Mr & Mrs Balchin have proven that tenacity, persistence and publicity works.

Don't let our public service and local government ombudsmen get away with it any longer. Publish an account of your dealings with them on line now and show the world what a bunch of biased and unprofessional incompetents they really are!

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