Monday, June 01, 2009

Recruitment of a replacement Local Government Ombudsman

FAO Scrutiny committee

It has come to my attention that both the position of Local Government Ombudsman and Deputy Chair of the CLAE have been advertised. It would also appear to be the first time that the new scrutiny arrangements are used in relation to this position. You should already be aware that there is considerable disquiet about the appointment of LGO's. Particularly ex Council Chief Executive Officers. You should also be aware of the considerable disquiet from users of the Local Government Ombudsmen.

There is something seriously wrong with the Commission for Local Administration when they find and report 100 times less maladministration than the Parliamentary Ombudsman and so many anti LGO websites and blogs exist.

I hope new LGOs will no longer be recruited from the ranks of the people they are supposed to investigate. The injustice complainants have had to suffer has gone on long enough, it's time the government sorted out the unfair, biased and totally ineffective administrative justice system in this country. The first step is the recruitment of truly independent Local Government Ombudsmen.

Yours faithfully

Trevor R Nunn

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