Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recruitment of a replacement Local Government Ombudsman (Update 3)

Further to my previous posts

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I have now had a response to a freedom of information request to the LGO

'I would like to know when Tony Redmond, the Chair of the Commission for Local administration, was first made aware that Jerry White, a Local Government Ombudsmen, was leaving the commission.'

Although Mrs Pook doesn't think it appropriate I ask the question she ignores the fact that the delay, in Mr White's resignation becoming known to the CLAE and DCLG was used as an excuse to seek a post-appointment rather than pre-appointment hearing against the wishes of the Government. As usual something stinks in the world of the LGO but at least the Minister concerned has refused an application to hold a post appointment hearing.

Unfortunately for the LGO they will now be an Ombudsman down until the proper procedure is followed. This would appear to mean that Redmond and Seex will have to split White's workload until a replacement had been recruited. If only they had followed the correct procedure in the first place!

Out of interest the Department of Communities and Local Government were notified by White of his intention to resign on the 23rd September 2008. However, they failed to advertise for a replacement for a further 6 months.

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