Saturday, August 29, 2009

Graham Crane's petition (Last few days)

There are only a few days left in which to sign the petition to scrap the LGO. Please consider signing the petition before the 5th September 2009.

If Graham manages to get over 200 signatures the Government will have to provide a response. One of their earlier responses to a petition provided evidence that the LGO misled the Government over their true compliance rates. Every successful petition, irrespective of the Government's response, is another nail in the LGO coffin.

Don't forget that every family member can sign as long as they have a unique email address. Same goes for your friends and wider family.

It only takes a few seconds to sign and could help put a stop to the injustice and misery the LGO are guilty of perpetrating. Click here to sign

Last day to sign is the 5th September 2009

Footnote: At about 9pm on Sunday the 30th August 2009 the 200th person signed Graham's petition. However, please continue to sign because we are aware that the government often remove names from petitions without warning.

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