Saturday, August 08, 2009

The LGO always believe the council. Update 2.

Further to my initial post The LGO always believe the council and the update The LGO always believe the council. Update 1 I am now close to completing my research. Only a few Freedom of Information requests still to come in but with the majority now in I thought it was time to publish the outcome of my research to date. With close to 400 hundred Council responses to collate it has produced a large document. As a result I decided to publish my finding on the Ombudsman Watchers website and link to it here. The results are exactly what I expected. Up to now the Local Government Ombudsman has not brought one incident of a Council Officer misleading or lying to them to the attention of a Council over the last 5 years following which the Council Officer concerned has faced any proper disciplinary consequences. Whilst this could be explained away by arguing that no council officer has ever lied to or misled the Ombudsman, it would be an answer that most people would consider a statistical impossibility. In any event I have also provided evidence of a council officer lying to the LGO during 2002 which the LGO subsequently ignored. In addition, this was not an isolated incidence as readers will see when I publish my full response to the Ombudsman's final report.

If any reader has evidence similar to mine please send it to me so I can add it to the final part of my research on this subject.

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