Thursday, August 13, 2009

Number 10 Petition Website not to be trusted.

Following a freedom if information request to identify the following

How many names/signatures your office has removed from approved petitions, the reasons for their removal, the url of the petitions that names/signatures have been removed from.

I have identified that Number 10 do not keep accessible records of how many signatures have been removed, the reason for their removal or the petition they were removed from.

Although they stated that they have the right to remove a name that consists of more than just a name this is obviously discretionary because many petitions have entries that consist of more than just a name, Here is an example. Ironically they have left my name on this petition whilst removing it from others.

Unfortunately, the way Number 10 currently run the petition website leaves it open to serious abuse because anyone with access can remove as many names as they wish from any petition without having to account for their actions.

As a result, from today I am recommending that people use an alternative petition website because the Number 10 clearly cannot be trusted. Here are a number of others for people to consider.

Lobbyingforum ipetitions care2 petitionOnline

I for one will never sign another Number 10 petition until this abuse is stopped.

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