Thursday, August 27, 2009

The truth is out (Update 1)

Further to my earlier post the truth is out

I submitted a follow up Freedom of information request to the LGO in order to obtain an unredacted copy of the email that Nigel Karney (LGO) sent to Stephen McAllister (DCLG) about the LGO's compliance rates. I also asked the Department of Communities and Local Government for a copy just in case the LGO tried to block my request. I have now received a response from the LGO and the email is copied below. I also received a response from the DCLG on the very same day.


The compliance rate in 2007/08 was also 100%. But it is important to appreciate that this reflects our relationship with bodies in jurisdiction that has matured to high levels of respect over a 30 year history. The rate of compliance was very different in the early years of our scheme

We feel very strongly that your petition response should be specific to complaints under our current jurisdiction covering local government and similar public bodies. Your current wording reads as a statement that would cover all circumstances.

As you are aware, the Ombudsmen are in discussion with the government about the possibility of binding recommendations being appropriate for `self funders'. This is on the basis that this sector does not have a mature relationship with an ombudsman type organisation. Furthermore, the private sector may be less likely to be persuaded by the sanction of a published response to a further report and, in many cases, publicity will not be in the best interests of the complainant.



I will comment on the content of the email in my next post.

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