Thursday, September 03, 2009

Exposing the truth forces the LGO to change

A council officer provided incorrect and seriously misleading information to the Ombudsman regarding my case yet Mrs Seex failed to bring this to the attention of the council during her investigation or in her 2008 report.

Since my earlier posts about Local Government Ombudsmen always believing the council/ignoring council officer lies and my research into the subject, it looks as if Local Government Ombudsmen have now decided to change their ways. Just a pity they are only doing so to cover their backsides now my research has exposed their failures of the past The following statement was recently published in a Telegraph article.

'The Ombudsman found that the Council

had provided “incorrect and seriously misleading information” to her during her inquiry.'

Read the full Telegraph article here.

I wonder if the officer concerned has been disciplined by the council? I doubt it. Although the LGO now appear to be bringing council officer lies to the attention of the council they don't appear to be doing anything else about the issue.

In any event what about all the people who have suffered over the last 25 years because of the LGO's stupid and biased policy of accepting everything a council officers says without validation and then ignoring the problem when evidence later proves they have lied?

At least what Mrs Seex was forced to do with Lewisham proves one of my earlier quotes about Local Government Ombudsmen. They work well when cornered like a rat in a trap

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