Friday, October 16, 2009

LGO: The Ombudsman Enterprise and Administrative Justice

During the select committee investigation into the Role and Investigation of the Local Government Ombudsmen during 2005 one of their friendly professors (also British and Irish Ombudsman Association colleague) Richard Kirkham produced a very pro LGO paper supposedly from a complainants point of view. Although after reading the paper I doubted he had ever met a complainant before writing it.

However, in a more recent paper 'The Ombudsman Enterprise and Administrative Justice: an academic viewpoint' he and a couple of colleagues now suggests two things that we have been fighting for since 2003. The article is printed in issue 38 the BIOA news (page 10) which can be downloaded here

1) A Government led review of the ombudsman community is undertaken as soon as practically possible.

2) Revise the accountability arrangements of the local government ombudsmen.

If the Government won't listen to us will they listen to pro ombudsmen and BIOA colleagues like Richard Kirkham?

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